Knowledge and expertise for your international road transport

Truck Supply Europe is a reliable partner for international road transport

Truck Supply Europe is specialized in international trailer trucking and developing customized transportation solutions throughout Europe. We enable logistics service providers to focus on their core business as a transport-architect. TSE ensures the goods are delivered in the right location, at the right time.

The company spans long distances through its logistics services optimized for international road transport, connecting the markets of Europe. TSE arranges truck and driver for you. As such, there is no need for you to invest in equipment and/or drivers. We are able to anticipate to your ever changing capacity needs. 


Trucking services are performed with our own (state-of-the-art) fleet equipped with advanced communication system and managed by skillful experienced fleet supervisors. TSE meets its customer needs and specific requirements.   


With 5 CEMT permits (CEMT = Conférence Européenne des Ministres des Transports / European Conference of Ministers of Transport) TSE is able to dispatch goods in international road transport between CEMT Member States outside the EU as well (f.e. Turkey).