Branch Manager Rotra Forwarding Srl and Truck Supply Europe Srl

The Branch Manager is responsible for all activities regarding  the companies Truck Supply Europe SrL and Forwarding Srl Romania and is directly accountable to the Operational Director.


He or she is responsible for the operational, financial and commercial activities of the total establishment. Ensures that the equipment and drivers are planned in the most efficient way, which means that the highest possible mileage on day/week/month etc. is realized and is marketed at the most cost-efficient method (the lowest possible cost).




·     Directly manages the Operational manager, fleet supervisors, fleet manager & shared service manager;

·     Is responsible for monitoring the budget (incl. input/format) and the profit figures on the income statement, with the result of the Rotra group at the forefront;

·     Takes care of purchase from suppliers;

·     Provides reports and KPIs and discusses them with management;

·     Performs analyses of the weekly and monthly figures and, if desired, comes up with improvement proposals;

·     Responsible for drawing up / bringing agenda for the monthly MT consultation and planning and preparation of consultation with operational director;

·     Makes optimal use of systems (on-board computer, iTMS, tachograph data, etc.);

·     Is responsible for an optimal condition of the material in consultation with fleet manager;

·     Visit clients / customers (internal & external);

·     Takes care of the issue of quotations/ad hoc rates;

·     Signals complaints from clients and discusses them with the relevant employees;

·      Responsible for an active consultation structure at the establishment & parts of information towards the employees;

·     Takes care of the development of its employees at the establishment (including annual assessment);

·   Takes care of reporting financial and human matters;



·         Is able to lead projects to further develop transport within the Group and to bring it to a higher level;

·         Is responsible for compliance with the driving and rest periods law;

·         Ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in Romania (including licences, certificates & diplomas);

·         Management of legal documents, HR documents from office staff, contracts & insurance;

·         Ensures the right safety and tools and the control of their use;

·         Safeguarding protocols/procedures and quality directives;



Preferably Master degree (Business administration, Logistics)

At least 10 years working experience in a similar function.

Knowledge of English, German and Romanian language.

Willing to live and work in Romania.



For other related information, you can contact Mr. Jan-Herman Hanskamp: T +31(0)313-483605


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